Packaging Solutions

Find with us the packaging products with the highest quality standards in the industry. We are distributors of 3M specialties and we transform packaging products just for you. We offer you: Adhesives and tapes in aluminum, anti-noise, fiberglass, kapton, nylon, tedlar, polyester and polyethylene, sealants and Gaffer, Teflon tape, non-woven fabric, rubber, masking tape, fine line, with foam, lead, foam, vinyl, filament, for industrial use, special tapes, high performance, double-sided, protective foil, dispensers, spare parts and packaging equipment.

Bonding Tapes

VHB 4941VHB 5952VHB RPVHB GPHVHB LSEVHB 4945VHB 4622VHB 4950VHB 4951VHB 49103M Primers
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