Packaging Solutions

Find with us the packaging products with the highest quality standards in the industry. We are distributors of 3M specialties and we transform packaging products just for you. We offer you: Adhesives and tapes in aluminum, anti-noise, fiberglass, kapton, nylon, tedlar, polyester and polyethylene, sealants and Gaffer, Teflon tape, non-woven fabric, rubber, masking tape, fine line, with foam, lead, foam, vinyl, filament, for industrial use, special tapes, high performance, double-sided, protective foil, dispensers, spare parts and packaging equipment.

Specialty Tapes

764 marking tapes.425 Aluminum tape.3311 Aluminum tape (general use).1517CW Aluminum Venture Tape.363 Aluminum tape reinforced with fiberglass.420 Lead tape.850 Polyester tapes.8411 Polyester tapes.8891 and 8992 Polyester tapes (economic).8998 and 8897 Polyimide tape with silicone adhesive.361 Fiberglass tape.365 Thermoactivatable fiberglass tape.2552 Anti-noise tape.5498 Teflon tape.5480 and 5481 PTFE tape (Teflon MR).5490 and 5491 PTFE tape (Teflon MR).5451 PTFE (MR Teflon) tape with fiberglass.5421 and 5423 High molecular weight tape.5401 Traction tape.Gripping Materials.Gloves / Gripping Materials.Scotch ™ 8898 High performance clean plastic removal tape.Scotch® 8899HP Clean removal tape.
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